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Years ago, they were smoking a pork butt in the back yard...


Who are the Twins

To know Twins, BBQ you have to know Rick and Mike.

Years ago, they were smoking a pork butt in the back yard. I got a call from Mike saying “I was thinking about building a smokehouse in our Yard”. My response, from the register at the grocery store, was “that would be great!” When I returned home that afternoon, there was an excavation truck leveling the spot where hours later a smoke house was built.” -Danielle Gallop

Mike is a professional that will stop at nothing to bring you the best food and provide the best experience out there. When they create an idea with you, it becomes their “smokehouse”. They will not bring in an excavation truck, but they will build everything to suit you.  This puts Twins among the best & good places to eat.


Mike Gallop

Mike Gallop, a barbeque aficionado, has been obsessed with good barbeque all his life. Always looking for the best and good places to eat nearby.  His parents were raised in the south and he was brought up on good ‘ol fashion, down home cooking. This, together with his sales background, makes him a stickler for detail and impeccable customer service. He too reads cookbooks, web posts, twitter feeds, BBQ Blogs and more to understand and uncover the nuances of good quality food. He lives in Brookfield with his wife and girls, Kaia and Teja. In his spare-time he coaches lacrosse and is President of Hope for Heroes Foundation, a Non-profit for disabled military and first responders. He also taste-tests BBQ in every state he visits. Mike is an amazing time manager and prides himself on making every experience one to remember.

Best & Good Places to Eat

Mike Prides Himself On

Making every experience one to remember.

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